Monday, February 19, 2018

Pure Git with Convention over Git

It is an implementation of remote Git repositories synchronization by the pure Git and the Convention over Git.

This approach uses well-known Git tools, because Git has an innate ability to do such synchronizations.
All we need to add to Git is some convention.

(Consider to use git-sinc, the next generation of remote Git repositories synchronization.)

The situation

Say, we have teams in separate companies. Each team owns their own repository hosted on their own separate git server. This often happens for vendor-client scenarios.

The targets
  • Create a single force, a single team.
  • Eliminate severe and constant errors as a result of disunity.
  • Eliminate significant time wasting.
  • No single repository, no team's heart beating.
I even call this approach as Conventional Distributed Version Control System over Git.

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