Friday, February 16, 2018

Glossary of synchronization of remote Git repositories

One of the approaches to automatically solve conflicts of synchronization between remote Git repositories.

safe, non-overwriting git fetch or push.

unsafe, forced & overwriting git fetch or push.

directly related one remote and many local git repositories. They are located on one side, i.e. in one company.

owner of the side. A team that owns and uses their remote repository directly.

git references, mostly such as branches and tags.

conventional refs
refs strictly separated by a convention and pertaining to different different sides. Each side owns its refs but can modify refs of another.

prefixed refs
This is a naming convention and an implementation of conventional refs by prefixes.
As an example:
"company1/some_feature", "company2-develop"
where the "company1/" and "company2-" are the conventional prefixes.

It specifies source and destination refs and can specify a non-fast-forward Git-fetch or -push by the plus "+" sign at the beginning.

synchronization interval
It is an interval between two synchronizations of remote Git repositories. Usually it is from one to three minutes.

Git Garbage Collector.

synchronization agent. Some implementation that doing all the work.

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