Saturday, February 17, 2018

Approaches to synchronize remote Git repositories

Pure Git

Implementation: Pure Git with Convention over Git

It uses pure Git techniques.
This one is more academic but fully working.
Has some limitations.
Has the smallest amount of implementation dependencies.
*nix & Windows ready.

Stateless Analysis

Implementation: git-sync

The best approach. But it has more implementation dependencies: gawk, modern bash.
*nix & Windows ready.

Stateful Analysis

It depends on collected information about Git refs.
It has a wider set of conflict solving tools.
Predecessor of all other approaches.
Requires a modern software language, an IDE and good programming practices.

Implicit Renaming of Refs

My beloved.
Belongs to the Stateless Analysis.
It implies convenient manual conflict solving on the run.
It is kinda Git inside the Git with an additional degree of external references.

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