Saturday, September 30, 2017

Convention over Git = CoG

CoG or Convention over Git allows automated conflict solving during automated synchronization of remote Git repositories.

Naming convention

Convention over Git uses any naming convention that allows to define owners of each Git-branch.

As an example the prefixed names.
Each remote Git repository owns its prefix and all non-fast-forward conflicts will be solved in favor of a prefix owner.
company1/develop vs company2-develop
company1/JIRA-123 vs company2-JIRA-321

So, a naming convention in Git can be any conventional separation of names

  • Some defined prefixes or suffixes on both repositories.
  • A slave repository can have a prefix and a master repository have nothing. I.e. all non conventional (non-prefixed) branches belongs to the master Git-repository
  • etc

Conventions over Git gives many advantages and drastically simplifies any implementation.
Possibly it is unclear at first glance, but it's worth it.

  • Please, do not migrate everything between repositories. It is absolutely not necessary and even harmful! CoG just allows to save your repositories in sanity.
  • GoG adds some level of self responsibility and implies some self management. You shouldn't control everything. Believe in your teams.
Ohh, lost my thoughts here. Possibly I'll continue later.

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